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A survey from CoreLogic found, on average, 20 percent of homes in the United States lack enough home insurance. Home insurance provides financial protection to you when accidental and unpreventable incidents occur. How much do you need? It can be one of the most important tools you have. READ MORE >>

By: Andrea Moyer So what is a “Personal Umbrella” and why do I need one?  In today’s culture you could easily find yourself being sued for just about anything you can imagine.  You’ll want to protect your assets! READ MORE >>

Everyone wants to reduce their auto insurance rates. To do so, why not consider protecting your car? Most consumers have access to a wide range of anti-theft devices. Simple or complex, they can help you keep your car safe. As a result, your car insurance provider may reduce your rates if you have these systems in place. READ MORE >>

When you sign a lease for a property, you take on a legal responsibility. You are bound by contract to follow the stipulations of the lease. In other words, you have to take care of the property and your duties to the homeowner. Leases usually outline multiple responsibilities on the part of the renter. READ MORE >>

Many people invest significantly in their home’s landscaping. It becomes a true asset to their home. It also raises the value of the property.  When something happens to it, you may want your home insurance to cover the cost. That can happen in some situations. In others, it is not an option. READ MORE >>

Did you know that you may receive a discount on your auto insurance if you have anti-lock brakes? That comes from the belief that this type of braking system is safer.  Not all vehicles have anti-lock brakes, but most modern cars do. If you have them, be sure to let your car insurance agent know. READ MORE >>

Renting a home means you live in someone else’s property. You do not own the home itself, nor a lot of the home’s features. However, you will own many of the possessions in the home. You bought them, paid for  them and moved in with them, after all. Personal possessions are important in your life. READ MORE >>

Homes might isolate you from nature, but at times, they can let nature in. Pest infiltrations allow in creepy-crawlies like rodents, termites, flies other vermin. You don’t want to have the inconvenience of dealing with home pests. At times its downright dirty work. But, it’s part of being a concerned homeowner. READ MORE >>

You cannot control how old you are, but it still can impact what you pay for auto insurance. Car insurance companies assign pricing for policies based on the amount of risk a person presents. Age can be a factor in that risk. It's important to know that companies do not target individuals on a specific basis. READ MORE >>

For many, Thanksgiving is one of their favorite times of year. The leaves are changing into beautiful colors and the air is starting to get crisp. And let’s not forget the best part of all. Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends! Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and stuffing. READ MORE >>

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