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Renting a home means you live in someone else’s property. You do not own the home itself, nor a lot of the home’s features. However, you will own many of the possessions in the home. You bought them, paid for  them and moved in with them, after all. Personal possessions are important in your life. READ MORE >>

Homes might isolate you from nature, but at times, they can let nature in. Pest infiltrations allow in creepy-crawlies like rodents, termites, flies other vermin. You don’t want to have the inconvenience of dealing with home pests. At times its downright dirty work. But, it’s part of being a concerned homeowner. READ MORE >>

You cannot control how old you are, but it still can impact what you pay for auto insurance. Car insurance companies assign pricing for policies based on the amount of risk a person presents. Age can be a factor in that risk. It's important to know that companies do not target individuals on a specific basis. READ MORE >>

For many, Thanksgiving is one of their favorite times of year. The leaves are changing into beautiful colors and the air is starting to get crisp. And let’s not forget the best part of all. Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends! Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and stuffing. READ MORE >>

As a renter, you are reasonable to expect that your home will be safe for you and your family. When renting a space, some aspects of that safety fall on the property owner. Others fall in your lap. Renters insurance is a key way to help minimize the financial risks you have. READ MORE >>

If you have a dent in your car, or you’re missing some paint, you should seek services to fix those issues. Kirk’s Auto Body specializes in repairing cars whether the problem is as small as a tiny dent or as large as an accident. They offer you the best solution for your car with unbeatable prices. READ MORE >>

During the warmer days of the year, stopping for a dessert such as ice cream or water ice can be refreshing. From mid-March to the end of September, Rita’s Water Ice quenches customers’ hunger and thirst with their frozen menu options. READ MORE >>

Do you have a home business? Do you give advice as part of your occupational duties? People answering yes to these questions are candidates for professional liability insurance (PLI). PLI coverage has other names too. These may include personal indemnity insurance (PII) and errors & omissions insurance (E&O). READ MORE >>

If you are dealing with illnesses impairing your ability to walk or perform physical tasks, Integrative Health Solutions can help you come up with a plan to bring you back to a healthy, comfortable state. Dr. Chris Caffrey, the mastermind behind this company, strives to treat his patients with functional medicine. READ MORE >>

    For any printing and copying needs you may have, Mr. Printer’s Graphic Center in Richboro, Pennsylvania can satisfy them. The employees from this family-owned business will help guide you through the processes and provide you with quality printing and copying. READ MORE >>

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